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29 September, 03:15
I'm fighting a head cold, and so far, I'm not on the winning side. I'm not taking calls, but, I'm putting out some new audio. The best place to indulge in my audio & sissy hypno is;
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
23 September, 12:07
Well, Dr Sue Storm & I have both had to bleach our eyes & down a bottle of whiskey to be able to handle this one.
Good lord, it'!!! Rivulet45

Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
21 September, 11:50
Your "Male Pride" is mine to fuck with.

Annihilating Male Pride is available on Gumroad to download for download.

ASMR Triggers, Spiral Hypno, & Sinful Reminders of what you really are...weak, hopeless, & forever pussy free

Only 10 are available for download
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19 September, 11:31
Audios, Mesmerizing Video, Tasks, & The Sissy Whisperer podcast (with new episodes coming soon)

If you want access to everything I have and more for my Sissy gurls, AB/DLs, beta bois, and more, then visit my Gumroad.

#sissification #sissy #sissyhypno
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16 September, 04:48
Their most embarrassing story made them out to "be the victim, however, DoctorSue & I, well, we do our research

Say hello to the newest member of the IttyBittyClittyCommittee RannDaSrtFg

Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
15 September, 02:03
Lookie, Lookie!!!

It's a prepubescent, pinky-winkie!!! The cuteness, the uselessness, is all that liquid???

Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
14 September, 05:43
I'm BACK!!!!
All my narrations are finished, & I'm fully back for my #sissy gurls to worship!
Welcome me back with a little #wishtender love, and don't forget to join my #Gumroad
Wishtender -
Gumroad - https://ameliadivine.gumro...
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28 August, 06:00
Are you a new sissy?
Are you new to anal training?
Do you want to go from pathetic beta bitch, to fabulously pathetic Sissy?

Then you need this task - https://ameliadivine.gumro...
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22 August, 12:16
Gonna be available for calls till around Noon today.

Don't forget to subscribe to my Gumroad for EVERYTHING sissy and then some
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18 August, 11:31
148 MP3s in my library of recorded smut, and now you can have access to all of it for

$5 a month๐Ÿ˜˜

This also includes NEW audio smut, monthly & exclusive audio smut

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31 May, 03:05
Today is my birthday, & I'm a lovely 48 y/o. Damn, I look fabulous, don't I?

You can shower me with gifts through my

I'm excited to see which #sissytoy worships me the most.
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
26 May, 08:40
My apologies...๐Ÿคฎ

*sigh* it's Hank Hill BitchBoiJordan is at it again, & I have no words.

WTF am I kidding, lol, DoctorSue & I had plenty of words

Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
26 May, 05:23
Every sissy wishes they were, well, everything they're not.
This one wishes they were a "hucow" ๐Ÿคฃ

Bless their tiny, little, winkie-hearts.

Enjoy the blitzing of this wannabe, because you know, you belong here too...

The wannabe Hucow of ItSoWittle

Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
03 May, 06:39
Pop N Play (Yes, I'm being nice)


Do you love being told to sniff...hold...release...repeat?
Do you love how relaxed you get in your sub-space?
Do your toys slide in much easier while floating on a cloud of cum?
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
03 May, 03:21
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
01 May, 04:11
Have you seen what's NEW in my Sissy Clip Store?

Find out what happens to this crybaby diaper boy when he is pushed to become my stepmotherโ€™s grandbaby. Not only that, but he becomes the diaper boy of the whole family.
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
23 April, 04:06
I just posted another NEW audio to my website

Destroying Your Male Ego | SPH/Short Penis Humiliation๐Ÿค

I always said it's men who have penis envy...๐Ÿ†
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
17 April, 03:22
I am NEVER wrong...not when it comes to sad, lonely, little sissy gurls.
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
13 April, 12:11
"What Is A Sissy?"

Guest article by the amazing DoctorSue. You know my opinion on #sissies , now you read what the Dr. says.
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
10 April, 12:02
Good morning!

I'm available for CHAT ONLY today.

Premimum Chat -

Have a great one, & I'll be back on the phone tomorrow
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
06 April, 01:19
Just wondering what my little #sissy gurls would do to be forced into this position...

Well, would you really have to be "forced"?
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
03 April, 04:39
I just put a brand new #sissy hypno clip on my NF+ page, meaning, only my dedicated #sissygurls will see it...

How dedicated are you?
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
01 April, 02:55
My #sissies know I don't allow my gurls to orgasm. However, today, stalk my
, send me a Tip of $50 or higher, & I'll send you personalized audio giving you permission to fap & squirt away.


I could be lying, it is #AprilFoolsDay after all
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
31 March, 04:58
I know all of my #sissy gurls & bitch bois on #Niteflirt worship the quicksand I walk on, and now, you can worship me more!


Join my NF+ page to get all the ins & outs, ups & downs, teases & taunts you love!
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28 March, 05:00

๐Ÿง”โ€โ™‚๏ธMarkus into Marla ๐Ÿ‘ง

Every sissy has to go through a transition, and Marla is no different. Erotic, Hypnotic, and Trigger inducing audio clip to help you through your own personal transition.
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
27 March, 08:28
Well, well, looks like Sissy Jenny Cummins had more she needed to be exposed for.

Hear what The Queens of Mean says about Jenny's little..... nubbins.

Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
27 March, 06:07
#sissy Tip of the Day...

Remember, your ass is an Alpha Man's playground. Keep His playground CLEAN...
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
23 March, 03:10
Oh, beta bois...

Time to affirm your place below my feet.
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
22 March, 02:16
Good morning to the pathetic incels trolling the Internet.

It's time for an upgrade
Amelia Divine @AmeliaDivine
20 March, 12:31
Good morning #sissy gurls & #beta bois.

It's a lovely day to put in your plug, tighten your chastity, & find ways to make Ms. Amelia Divine smile!

Who's first?